Battery Saving / Restoring

Deep discharge of a battery below the recommended voltage can cause rapid sulfation in lead-acid batteries and unbalanced cells in a lithium battery. OptiMate chargers all have a unique low volt pulse SAVE step, with more advanced OptiMate chargers able to recover batteries other chargers can’t.


The Ampmatic program automatically adjusts charge current to match the battery’s size and condition. A larger battery gets more current, while a smaller battery gets less. The Ampmatic charge program is on every OptiMate charger that delivers more than 5 Amps. All OptiMate 6 and 7 chargers have this program.

24-7 Maintenance Program

The OptiMate’s automatic 24-7 maintenance program monitors charge and if necessary brings it back to full charge keeping the battery active and fit.

Power supply Mode & higher charging voltage for DEEP CYCLE battery

Solar technology