The socket is directly connected to the battery, it remains powered even if ignition is off.

No. It has a delayed turn off i.e. the ZFE CAN-bus system controls the socket and turns it of soon after you turn off tue ignition.

OptiMate 4 sends a coded communication pulse through the socket to the system. The system recognizes there is a battery charger connected and then turns on the socket. OptiMate 4 continues to confirm through-out 24-7 charging and maintenance that it is present and the system responds by keeping the socket turned on.

No. The ZFE system needs a minimum voltage to operate. If the battery voltage is too low it does not work. If you turn on the ignition and nothing powers up, charge the battery directly with program 1 for Pb and program 3 for LFP batteries. NOTE: before saving the battery, always disconnect the battery from the motorcycle system and inspect the battery for physical damage or deformation.

NO. Program 1 has a sensing step that checks if there is circuitry connected to the battery. If there is, it will not activate the higher voltage (low power) desulphation mode to get severely sulphated batteries to accept charge. It is best to remove the battery, inspect and then charge. Programs 2,3 and 4 do not deliver higher than 14.4V charge voltage.

BMS reset - 1) select program 2 - 2) connect OptiMate 4 directly to the battery - 3) press the button for 3 seconds or longer. BMS reset pulses are delivered. NOTE: if the battery does not reset it may be deep discharged and unable to power its own BMS electronics. Disconnect the battery from the vehicle system and try again. TIP: for batteries with voltage less than 0.5V: if you hold the button for longer than 10 seconds the SAVE mode will activate.

Disconnect the battery from the vehicle's circuitry. Inspect for damage (cracks, swelling etc). Select program 1. Connect to the battery. If the battery holds at least 0.5V it will automatically receive charge. NOTE: a battery not connected to the vehicle circuitry and not able to recover at least 0.5V by itself, has suffered permanent damage.

Disconnect and remove the battery from the vehicle. Inspect carefully (cracks, swelling, leaks). DO NOT charge if damaged. If no damage is seen, select program 2 and connect OptiMate 4 to the battery. If the battery holds at least 0.5V it will automatically receive charge. If not, or of the battery has a resettable BMS, press the button for 3 seconds or more until the SAVE light turns solid on.